Sweet Orange Oil from ArtNaturals


$ 4.00 
.33 Fl Oz

The fresh and citrusy scent of our cold-pressed Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis) is emotionally uplifting, aids in calming the mind, and can improve concentration. When used during meditation, Sweet Orange is mood balancing and inspires creativity.
The orange tree is believed to have been bred from the pomelo and the mandarin sometime before 314 BCE. These fruits were native to several tropical regions throughout Asia, and have been cultivated and dispersed throughout the world for thousands of years. In 350 BCE, Theophrastus was the first to write about the citrus. Citrus fruit appeared in Egyptian paintings from 1000 BCE, and in European history, writers spoke about its wonderful fragrance and believed it to be a remedy for poison, as well as an excellent repellant for moths.

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