Holistic Superfood Healthy Dog Treats Yummy Berry


$ 8.95 

Zuke’s offers these Superfood Healthy Dog Treats that combine a delicious combination of cranberries, raspberries and blueberries that your dog will definitely find "yummy." These grain-free dog treats are not only delicious, they are also chocked full of natural antioxidants and free-radical neutralizers. Zuke's healthy dog treats will boost your dog’s energy so he can go the distance through all types of physical activities, including everything from leisurely runs to rigorous training exercises. These Superfood Healthy Dog Treats do not contain any artificial flavors or colors and include no wheat or corn fillers, and are also soy-free. Made in the United States and at just seven calories per piece, you can feel good about feeding these sweet, natural dog treats to your loyal canine at any time. They are great as a once-a-day snack or can be given frequently during training. These healthy dog treats are soft and small and great for dogs of all sizes.

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