Holistic Super Yummy Betas Healthy Dog Treats


$ 8.95 
Your dog will be happy that fall has arrived when he tastes these yummy but healthy dog treats that definitely let his taste buds know that the harvest is here! Zuke's Soft Superfood Yummy Betas Healthy Dog Treats are soft all-natural dog treats that contain a special mix of veggies full of beta-carotene. These dog treats are so chocked full of essential vitamins and minerals that can keep your dog going through even rigorous bouts of physical activity. They help keep your dog healthy and are full of naturally occurring nutrients. They contain a great source of nutrition combined with a burst of flavor. Produced right here in the United States, these Soft Superfood Dog Treats-Yummy Betas do not contain any wheat, corn, or soy. Free of artificial colors and flavors, these special healthy dog treats are made from nutritious ingredients like oats, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and even apricots and cinnamon for a splash of that famous fall flavor.

These grain-free dog treats are soft and small and can be fed to dogs of all sizes. Additionally, they can be broken into smaller pieces for puppies and petite-sized canines. At only seven calories a piece, these all-natural dog treats can be fed to your dog at anytime. They are great for both a healthy snack before a major meal and for training exercises.

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