Grain-Free Z Ridge All Natural Breath Freshener Dog treats


$ 18.95 
Sometimes your dog's breath is more than you can take, right? Zuke’s Z-Ridge Original all-natural dog breath freshener chew bones are a healthy, yummy, and most of all easy way to freshen your canine pal's breath when your dog is a little too up close and personal. These high-protein potato-based dog snacks also contain a fresh mixture of vanilla, parsley and carrot that smells great and also supports overall health and strength, keeping your pooch fresh and strong. Derived from alfafa plants, this healthy dog breath freshener is a natural source of chlorophyll that removes smelly residue without bringing in harmful chemicals that upset sensitive stomachs.

The ridged surface of these fresh breath dog treats are also designed to scrape and polish your canine’s teeth of leftover food particles that only contribute to stinky breath. Made in the United States, these dog snacks are a great way to maintain a dog’s dental hygiene and promote a healthier and longer lasting life overall. Easy to digest and great-tasting, Zuke's brand of dog dental hygiene is a treat for you and your dog. You don't have to worry about the hassle of brushing your dog's teeth as often with these all-natural dog breath freshener chew bones. Delicious and healthy, these breath-freshening dog treats contain no fillers like wheat, soy, and corn and are also free of harmful byproducts and artificial flavors. They are also made right in the USA.

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