Grain-Free Z Filets All Natural Dog Treats - Venison


$ 8.95 
Zuke’s Grilled Venison Z-Filets Select Slices are full of protein and herbs and bursting with antioxidants--definitely a step above your average dog treat. Made from real New Zealand venison and seasoned with sage, rosemary, and turmeric, these healthy dog treats are not only delicious, but also nutritious. Promoting health and vitality as well as peak performance, Zuke's carefully developed blends of healthy antioxidants and natural energy boosters will help your dog or puppy get through a tough exercise regimen or just perk up after a long nap. Produced in the USA from a recipe of limited ingredients, these grain-free dog treats are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs and contain no corn, wheat or soy fillers.

With no added artificial flavors, colors, or by-products, you can easily recognize all of the ingredients included in these healthy dog treats, so you don't have to worry about any unwelcome surprises. These high-protein healthy dog treats come in savory and delectable slices that can easily be broken into pieces for little dogs or just served whole.

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