Grain Free Lil' Links Healthy Dog Treats - Chicken & Apples


$ 9.95 
Zuke’s Chicken & Apple Natural Antioxidant Dog Treats are sausage link dog snacks made with healthy ingredients, including real meat, potatoes, carrots, apples, and herbs chocked full of natural antioxidants. These all-natural soy-free dog treats contain no wheat, corn, added animal fats, byproducts, or artificial flavors and colors. Made from ingredients you know, trust, and can actually pronounce, these healthy dog treats were developed with a dog's unique digestive system in mind.

Tender, moist and made with real chicken, these healthy dog treats are rich in antioxidants and ideal for everyday enjoyment by your canine friend, no matter the size. Suited for both puppies and older dogs, your pooch will go nuts over the smell of fresh cooked sausage and savory taste. Produced in the USA, these Chicken &amp`; Apple Natural Antioxidant Dog Treats come in a 6 oz. soft, resealable pouch for maximum convenience.

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