Grain Free Lil' Links All Natural Dog Treats - Pork & Apple


$ 9.95 
Made by Zuke's, these Pork & Apple Healthy Grain-Free Dog Treats are tender and moist, telling your dog: Job well done! These healthy dog treats are made only from the best ingredients and contain no mystery meat, artificial colors, or added animal fat. Unlike cheaper more harmful canine snacks, our grain-free dog treats contain no corn, soy, or wheat fillers, so you're definitely getting what you pay for. Each bite is chocked full of real meat, carrots, potatoes, apples, and herbs rich in antioxidants. With these snacks, you're giving your pet a delectable treat and ensuring that man's best friend lives a long and active life, following right at your side for a long time.

With the aroma of fresh-cooked sausage and memory of great taste, your pet will go crazy at just the sight of these healthy dog treats, no matter if it is an everyday treat or a special reward. At only 17 calories per piece, you can feed your dog these delicious treats on a daily basis without worrying about unwanted weight gain. Great for mature dogs or little puppies, these healthy dog treats are available in a 6 oz. package that is re-sealable, because your dog will definitely make sure that you'llbe opening this bag often!

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