Eo Everyone Essential Oil Eucalyptus


$ 6.99 
0.5 oz

Enjoy Eo Everyone Essential Oil Eucalyptus (0.5Oz  Eucalyptus has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic and has shown promise against respiratory ailments. It is also an effective insecticide and can be used to repel pests. Eucalyptus essential oil was shown to repel head lice (even those resistant to insecticides) in one study. Eucalyptus was shown to be effective against the bacteria that lead to plaque and gingivitis which is why it is found in several over the counter mouthwashes. Eucalyptus was also shown to be an effective anti-dandruff treatment and makes an excellent scalp treatment.



Note: description is informational only. Please refer to ingredients on the product before use. Please address any health or dietary questions to your health professional before using this item.

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