Bergamot Oil from ArtNaturals


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.33 Fl Oz

The sharp, yet sweet and fruity aroma of our Bergamot Oil (Citrus bergamia), which has a cooling sensation is both uplifting and calming. This essential oil supports the release of repressed emotions, promotes a better night's sleep, and is considered one of the best oils for reducing anxiety. Used in a diffuser, Bergamot Oil can help increase alertness, alleviate feelings of stress, mental and physical fatigue.
The fruit of the bergamot tree is very bitter, which is why they are harvested mostly for the oil the rind produces. Bergamot is believed to be native to Southeast Asia, but Calabria in the southern part of Italy is the largest supplier of Bergamot Oil in the world. The fruit is a combination of sour orange and lemon, and for several centuries the oil has been used in the perfume and tea industry; for example, it is a flavoring component of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot differs from other citrus varieties because there are more than 350 constituents that have been identified in the essential oil.

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