All Natural Power Bones Healthy Dog Treats - Chicken


$ 8.95 

Healthy Chicken Power Bones Endurance Dog Treats are a healthy (but still delicious!) alternative to the typical dog treat. Instead of giving man's best friend unnecessary and harmful amounts of wheat, corn, and soy, treat your doggy the right way with an all-natural premium protein mix of chicken, fruit, and whole grain. A tasty and energizing combination of simple and complex carbs will keep your active pooch one step ahead of you while running, swimming, or hiking. Zuke's Power Bones are U.S. made and forgo the use of unhealthy chemical additives. Other dog energy boosters taste appealing because of artificial flavors and only build your dog up for a crash later. Perfect for puppies or older dogs. Go back to natural with your dog and reward your pet with healthy treats that are custom-made to go easy on a dog's unique digestive system. Each chicken treat has only 18 calories, so it's OK to let your dog indulge after a tough workout!

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