3 Piece Fragrance Mist Set from ArtNaturals


$ 13.00 
8 Fl Oz

Make your home a sanctuary as you mist it with our Tanji Fragrance home spray. Tanji is light as a summer shower, combining the charming delicacy of lychee, with its whispers of grape, strawberry and watermelon, and the aquatic lure of a sea breeze. It’s a home and room fragrance that helps uplift mood and brightens your chosen space. Azar Fragrance Mist is a scented spray that will transform your home or office into a special oasis. Azar blends a spark of cherry, a wisp of rose, and a subtle note of earthy vetiver in a charming, light combination that lifts your spirits. Try misting Azar as a room fragrance morning wake-up call, and start your day with a soft surround of scent. Sensuous without being stifling, Omari Fragrance Mist waves an exotic fan of fragrant scent throughout your home or office. Omari Mist blends the sunshiny lure of verbena with come-hither patchouli and warmly welcoming sandalwood for a scent that beckons, not intrudes, a room fragrance that invites and relaxes.

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