3 Piece Bath Jellies Set from ArtNaturals


$ 15.95 
3.5 Oz

Get seriously clean while having tons of fresh-scented fun with our Jelly soap shower gel and body wash set. The three Jellies—Sea Through, Don’t Leaf Me, and Be My Lava—lather up into a unique and lovable spa experience. Your skin will be hydrated and conditioned and your mood will be brightened as you get to be a kid again with the wobbly, bubbly Jellies. (And BTW, actual kids love them, too.)
Take a shower trip to the beach with the ocean-inspired fragrance of Sea Through and wander through a forest memory with Don’t Leaf Me. Both these shower gel and bath wash treats use the bacteria-fighting power of tea tree oil to deep-cleanse skin.
Tea tree oil is derived from melaleuca alternifolia, native to the southeast of Queensland and the northeast coast of New South Wales in Australia. The aboriginal people of Australia discovered the therapeutic and beauty benefits of tea tree oil centuries ago—and now the rest of the world is catching on. Both Sea Through and Don’t Leaf Me also blend in green tea leaf water. Green tea’s anti-aging and antioxidant benefits boost skin’s health, as the polyphenols it contains help neutralize damaging free radicals. Be My Lava wafts you through a summer garden with its Damask rosewater and Damask rose oil extract. Soothing, calming, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, Damask rose extracts have been prized for centuries. All three Jellies can also be chilled out in the freezer for a cool cat shower. Make your—or someone else’s—bath time fun again with our Jelly Soap.

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