2 Piece SPF 50 Sunscreen Sticks from ArtNaturals


$ 13.00 
1.7 Oz

A beach bag must, these on-the-go sticks effortlessly glide across your cheeks, under eyes, down the nose, tops of ears, along scalp-exposed hairlines/hair parts, and even on the lips, for the most unbeatable protection under the sun. Forgot your lip salve stash at home? Problem salved! These ingenious SPF sticks have got you covered. The portable packaging doubles as a lip balm with the benefits of both sun protection and beautifying botanical oils, such as jojoba, rice bran, and avocado that instantly melt into susceptible skin. They'll leave your lips smooth, supple, and oh-so-kissable and your skin soft, supple, and slick-free. Fragrance-free formula will not compete with perfumes or cause irritation to skin. Long gone are the excuse-filled days of imperative sun protection re-application. Now, from sun up to sundown, you've always got optimal protection against sun's mercilessly damaging, aging, burning rays at your fingertips. Pack conveniently contains two mineral-based sunscreen sticks, one for the car and one for the pocket or purse.

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