Chemical Free Sunscreen for the Face: Oxybenzone Free SPF 30

Godess Garden

$ 17.99 
This All-Natural Chemical Free Facial Sun Screen from Goddess Garden is light, sheer, and non-greasy, ideal for wearing with makeup or even by itself. With SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage, this all-natural sunblock with organic ingredients, the highest chemical free sun screen on the market right now. Sidestepping the use of harsh chemical additives and whitening agents like most popular sunblocks, our chemical free facial sunscreen is infused with lavender and immortelle essential oils.

With Goddess Garden, you're getting an all-natural sunscreen that will not only protect and preserve the delicate skin of the face and neck, but will also work to repair existing sun damage. Did we forget to mention already that this All-Natural Chemical Free SPF 30 Facial Sun Screen is also water-resistant? You're protected in and out of the water with this one-of-a-kind win-win sunblock. Dermatologist recommended, it wouldn't even be a bad idea to apply this Sun Screen along with your makeup after your daily skin care routine.

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