Celtic Sea Salt

Many ask, Is too much salt bad for you?" Well, some salts are definitely better than others, and organic non iodized sea salt is one of the healthiest salt options out there. We know what you're thinking: iodine's healthy, so isn't iodized salt better than sea salt with no iodine?

Uniodized Sea Salt

Uniodized Sea Salt is quite a controversy in the healthcare community. While any doctor will tell you that inorganic non radioactive iodine is great for the thyroid and most Americans are not getting the recommended daily amount, the iodine added to most chemically-treated table salts during processing is not of good quality and not nearly as effective as the iodine you'll find in a dietary vitamin supplement. Instead of getting a chemical iodization, with uniodized sea salt you will get all of the natural sea salt minerals that are usually bleached away during the iodization process. When you think about it, it makes sense that organic uniodized sea salt is of course better for you than your average processed, bleached table salt.

Kosher Organic Non Iodized Sea Salt with No Chemicals Added

While you won't get an iodine additive through our organic sea salt, you will instead take in all of the pure vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in our pure Celtic sea salt usually stripped away during iodization, processing and packaging. Try organic non iodized sea salt for maximum health benefits, as nature intended.

Healing Uses for Non Iodized Salt: Uniodized Sea Salt Baths for Allergies & Sensitive Skin

Uniodized sea salt is not just for eating. There are many uses for non iodized salt, including sea salt baths and soaks. People with body piercings or people with perform non iodized sea salt soaks, baths, and cleanses to take advantage of the health and healing benefits of sea salt. The skin around a new belly button piercing can become easily irritated and agitated, and a regular uniodized sea salt bath can help heal and ease the skin irritation. Sea salt is a natural disinfectant and the minerals in organic non iodized sea salt also provide healing benefits to damaged skin. Uniodized sea salt is also used as a body cleansing agent or "flush" in the natural health community.
As you can see, organic non iodized sea salt has many natural uses and health benefits, whether it is eaten, used as a natural disinfectant or even a body cleansing agent. Don't miss out on the natural minerals and health benefits you will get from using Celtic sea salt.

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