Kosher Celtic Organic Non Iodized Sea Salt - Fine

Organic Celtic Sea Salt is certified organic and finely ground, featuring an all-natural combination of minerals and trace elements the way nature intended salt to be. Beginning at Light Grey Celtic, this certified kosher and non iodized sea salt was dried at a low temperature and then finely ground. Much healthier than most iodized and chemically treated table salts, Celtic sea salt is a great tasting all-purpose salt that can be used on any food that needs a little more flavor. Sustainably harvested and dried naturally by the sun and wind, Celtic Sea Salt includes no additives, bleaching agents, or anti-caking elements. Great for soaks, baths, and scrubs, Celtic Sea Salt has many natural health benefits and is some of the most natural salt you can find, not undergoing any processes other than drying and grinding. Due to its wholesome beginnings, this organic non iodized sea salt is also lower in sodium than many other varieties.

Celtic's organic non-iodized sea salt contains a high percentage of mineral-dense seawater, allowing human cells to hydrate in a natural way. One of the finest salts on the market, the Celtic brand holds its sea salt to the highest standards of harvesting, color, texture, taste, smell, and integrity of crystals. Nature and Progress, Europe’s highest level of certification, has labeled this product as certified kosher and free of harmful chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Ingredients include only calcium, chloride, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and sulfate.

Size: 1/2 lb bag

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