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If you've ever looked closely at the "healthy" pet treats and foods available in most stores, you've probably wondered how healthy the added artificial colors and flavors are for your sensitive cat or dog. Your dog or cat will gobble up pet treats even if they're full of chemical byproducts and preservatives, but if you want your animals to live the longest and healthiest life possible, you might want to consider a different approach.

Grain Free Healthy Dog & Cat Treats

As it turns out, much of what is nutritious for us humans is also good for our pets, including leafy greens, veggies, and a healthy amount of protein. At, we offer only healthy pet treats and foods that are grain-free and contain no harmful chemicals or "fillers" like corn, wheat, or soy. Fill your dog or cat up on only the good stuff that will keep them going, like essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even Omega-3 fatty acids. With a variety of natural flavors to choose from, you'll find out really fast that your pets prefer eating healthy over junk food because it tastes and makes them feel great!

Healthy Dog Treats

If you talk to enough of your healthy friends, you'll eventually hear one of them tell you that you should cut down on the amount of wheat and corn you eat, thus limiting the amount of white flours and starches in your diet. As humans, we like to think we are much different from our pets, but as it turns out, eating a lot of corn and wheat isn't good for our dogs, either. We proudly offer grain-free dog treats with no soy, corn, or wheat added. Our healthy dog treats also are made from a limited recipe and are a perfect choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. If you want all natural dog treats that contain no artificial colors, flavors or harmful byproducts, our holistic dog treats are right for you.

Natural Kitty Treats

Rather than thinking of our cats as being healthy and in great physical shape, most of us think of lazy cats like Garfield that lounge around all day eating. The expression "fat cat" exists for a reason, so many of us are looking for ways to reward our cat with some affection and attention without negatively affecting his waistline. If you're looking for low-calorie cat treats offering a holistic approach to feline health, you'll enjoy our selection of healthy cat treats made from real meat like ocean-caught salmon and USDA chicken, not artificial flavors and chemical byproducts. Fortified with natural antioxidants and fish oil full of omega-3 fatty acids, natural cat treats are the way to make sure your cat takes full advantage of all nine lives! Show your cat you love him with grain-free cat treats that contain no harmful fillers like corn, wheat, and soy.

Cat & Dog Treats for Pets with Allergies, Sensitive Stomachs, Hot Spots and Dry Skin

Some cats and dogs are more sensitive than others. While some cats have sensitive stomachs, some dogs have a problem with hot spots and dry, inflamed skin. When we humans have allergies or problems with dry, itchy skin, more often than not our health problems can be traced back to our diets, and the same goes for our pets. Switching your puppy or kitten to holistic pet treats may improve your pet's health problems. The limited amount of all natural ingredients used in our pet treats will not upset your pets stomachs.

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