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Beeswax Uses

When we think of raw beeswax, we probably all think of honey, automatically associating beeswax with eating. While snacking on 100% raw honeycomb is indeed delicious, there are actually a lot of natural uses for beeswax that you probably don't know about yet. Rarely used in products you'll find in the store, raw beeswax is the secret ingredient in MoreNature's all natural beeswax candles, bee salve, beeswax lip balm.


Unscented Natural Beeswax Candles

Unlike the little scented paraffin candles you'll find for a dime a dozen at arts and crafts stores, 100% natural candles made from pure beeswax are above all clean burning, so you won't pollute the air in your house and home and breathe in chemicals. Artificially scented candles might smell good, but they aren't good for you. Our unscented beeswax candles not only are clean burning, they are also long lasting, as pure beeswax takes a lot longer to burn than paraffin and processed synthetic wax does. 100% natural raw unscented bees wax candles will definitely help set the scene when you set aside a little time for your own personal care each evening with a few truly cleansing and relaxing organic bath soaps and body washes. Learn more about our unscented beeswax candles.

Pure Raw Beeswax Moisturizer for Skin & Hair

If you've ever come in contact with beeswax, you know how slick it can be. This is another one of the great uses of raw beeswax: moisturizing! At MoreNature, we make our own 100% natural pure beeswax bee salve from unprocessed raw beeswax harvested locally from small apiaries in and around north and central Florida. To maintain the natural nutrients and physical properties of raw beeswax, we never heat our beeswax above 150 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving the natural enzymes and oxygenation of the raw beeswax largely intact.

A lot of beeswax skin care companies who produce and process beeswax products do so in large factories, often heating and processing the beeswax so much that most of the good things are actually being stripped or processed away. Our 100% natural bee salve is based on an old Swedish homeopathic recipe, produced and packaged in a small local laboratory. If you have dry skin, our mixture of pure raw beeswax and coconut oil will super moisture your skin and even your hair! If you have dry hair or like that James Dean pompadour look, learn about using beeswax for your hair. Whether on your skin or your hair, remember that a little bee salve goes a long way! You'll be surprised by how long it lasts!


Natural Beeswax Lip Balm & Chapstick

If you need an all natural remedy for dry lips, beeswax is your answer! Most chapsticks and lip glosses are made from petroleum jelly, so most people don't even realize that one of the best uses for beeswax is naturally moisturizing your dry or chapped lips. Instead of flavoring our lip balms with a bunch of artificial flavors, we use natural organic oils to flavor our citrus, eucalyptus and spearmint beeswax lip balm and even offer a natural flavor for those who think beeswax tastes best all by itself! Natural beeswax lip balm is a good way to moisturize your lips longer without putting chemicals like petrolatum on your lips.


Uses for Beeswax: Surfboard Wax!

Another good example of the many uses for raw bees wax is surfboard wax. Here on the Florida coast, surfers are constantly rubbing synthetic paraffin wax on their feet and surfboard because they don't know that surfer wax made from pure beeswax is a much healthier and greener alternative. If you're a Florida surfer, you can use local raw bees wax as an 100% natural surfer wax that's (1) more eco-friendly and good for the environment and (2) healthier for absorbing into the skin on the soles of your feet.


Natural Beeswax Surf Wax Recipe

Natural beeswax surfboard wax is easy to make at home by following this simple recipe! To make your own surfboard wax, just mix 3 parts pure beeswax with 1 part coconut oil. If you're making cold water surfboard wax, add 1 part tree resin (if you can find it) to soften the wax. You can buy tree resin, but you can actually extract this sticky natural substance from a tree yourself in your own backyard. Melt the beeswax slowly in a pot, stirring constantly. While stirring, add your coconut oil, then your tree resin. You might want to tweak your amounts of coconut oil and tree resin, depending on the temperature of the sea water in your location. This homemade beeswax surf wax will also work with surfboards, body boards, and wake boards!

Now you know just a few of many raw beeswax uses. People don't know it, but there is a beeswax alternative for most of the products they use every day. Pure raw beeswax might cost a little more, but beeswax stays with you longer than synthetic waxes made from petroleum do, whether you're burning a candle at home, applying natural beeswax moisturizer to your lips, body, face, hands and hair or hanging 10 surfing on the Florida coast.

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