Best Natural Moisturizer: Beeswax Lotion & Salve

Honeybees naturally produce bees wax. You may not know it, but pure beeswax is a little known "superfood" for the skin, containing 74% fatty acids, 20% hydrocarbons, and 6% propolis and additional elements. With soothing properties and essential vitamins, there's really no reason not to mix up your skin care routine with lotion made from pure beeswax, the best natural moisturizer.

Raw Beeswax Used in Bee Salve, a Natural Moisturizer

Pure beeswax is transparent, colorless and easily and quickly absorbs into the skin, serving as an ideal alternative to petroleum-based skin care products often used to thicken synthetic salves. Natural salves are used for a wide range of minor ailments, including minor cuts and painful joints. Bees wax mixes smoothly with the active ingredients that make up most natural salves and can be added in varying quantities to produce a salve formula, making it softer or firmer. Active ingredients of salves made with bees wax are almost always oils, herbs, and organic extracts. Beeswax is not just a good ingredient in bee salve, however. Easily combined with water in oil, beeswax is also sometimes used to add body to moisturizers or to reinforce the cleaning action of natural detergents and cleaning agents.

Natural bee salves come in many varieties, used to moisturize skin, soothe minor aches and pains, and even provide anti-inflammatory care. Bees wax moisturizing salve is soft and absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, a natural alternative to mainstream skin care products that actually use petroleum-based substances to aid in absorption.

Beeswax Lotion for Allergies, Psoriasis, Eczema

Are you tired of how often you have to buy new skin care lotions and moisturizers? Sometimes it seems that you've used half the bottle after simply moisturizing your arms and legs after a shower. Unlike many synthetic body lotions, a little beeswax goes a long way to moisturize your skin to the max. Beeswax bee salve is useful year round, adding moisture to your skin whether you're sunburned in the summer heat or a little "ashy" from the winter chill. You can usemoisturizing beeswax lotion/salve to moisturize your elbows, feet, and knees.Soothing bees wax salves are usually either thick or loose, soothing several common skin irritations, such as eczema, sunburns, and psoriasis. Beeswax anti-inflammatory salves are generally thick to apply to areas of the body where bruising or trauma has occurred. Beeswax's soothing and antibacterial properties help prevent infection and aid in healing by building up a protective topical barrier on your skin. Bees Wax Bee Salve can be used for a variety of other purposes, including cold sores, poison ivy, new tattoos, itching, bee stings, insect bites, hives, chapped lips, burns, cuts, and diaper rash. Beeswax is even safe to use on your pets!

Pure Beeswax Lotion Benefits

Beeswax Bee Salve is often dubbed a "miracle moisturizer" because it does wonders for the skin and has a naturally sweet, subtle smell. Here are just a couple of the many benefits of beeswax lotion and moisturizer!

  • Beeswax easily and naturally absorbs into the skin.
  • Pure beeswax contains non-allergenic properties that naturally shield your skin from airborne allergies and damaging environmental factors.
  • Bees wax naturally heals, nourishes and moisturizes your skin.
  • Bees wax serves as an antibacterial and germicidal antioxidant.
  • Beeswax assists in slowing down the dispersal of medications into your body.
  • We always talk about putting fresh aloe vera on sunburns, but beeswax is also good for sunburn.
  • Beeswax serves as a good electric insulator.
  • Have weak nails? Beeswax makes fingernails less likely to break and split. Rub a little bee hand salve over your nails and cuticles to strengthen and moisturize your nails and basically get a natural manicure!
  • Beeswax sustains sunscreen action due to its water repellent properties.
  • Bees wax is completely nontoxic and all natural.
  • Since it is a natural substance, pure beeswax is inexpensive and readily available!

Warning to those with Bee Allergies If you have allergies to bees you should talk to your doctor before consuming any products that contain beeswax, whether internally or topically. Additionally, if you currently have any type of medical condition, you should also seek the advice of a dermatologist, doctor, physician, or medical professional.

Best Natural Moisturizer

Now you are well aware of all of the benefits of beeswax lotion, the best natural moisturizer. Do your whole body a favor by moving away from cheap lotions and try a natural chemical free moisturizing alternative. Pretty much everyone can use pure beeswax salve, whether you need to moisturize after a shave or just like the feel of smooth hydrated skin.

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