Beeswax Lotion/Salve: Best Way to Treat Rashes Naturally

There aren't a lot of skin care products out there made from pure beeswax, so many people don't realize that beeswax is the best way to treat skin irritation, whether it's your own skin, your baby's diaper rash, or even your dog's hot spots!

Best Way to Treat Dog Hot Spots Naturally

I have a little terrier who is always scratching and licking her back legs. When I look at the skin, it looks flaky and red. What should I use to treat my dog's "hot spots"? I would rather try a holistic treatment first.

We all know bee salve is much healthier for humans than so many chemical-filled lotions and skin treatments you can find in stores and online, but did you know you can even use our all-natural bee salve on your pets? Just like human skin, animal skin can become dry and inflamed, very irritating and even painful for your canine friend. Applying bee salve to your dog's "hot spots" can help reduce skin inflammation, causing your dog to scratch less. Bee salve is the best way to treat a dog hot spot.

If your dog has a large hot spots, apply the bee salve to a dressing and then put the dressing on the area. For best results, keep an eye on your dog and try to apply the bee salve as soon as a hot spot appears to prevent it from growing in size.

If your dog has a small hot spot, apply the bee salve directly to the affected area. If you decide to apply the bee salve directly on the dog skin, keep an eye on your dog to make sure he doesn't lick off all of the bee salve before the salve has a chance to treat the skin! Dogs love bee salve, and we have gone through a lot of bee salve too fast that way!

Best way to treat a diaper rash naturally

I'm very health-conscious, and I want to moisturize my baby with only the most gentle and natural skin care products. What is the best way to treat a baby diaper rash naturally? Are the popular baby brands good or bad to use?

We all know that baby skin is very soft and delicate. Using chemical-filled skin care products might hurt his health or cause him to develop allergies. Some of the biggest baby brands out there are the worst about adding in unhealthy chemicals (especially in baby powders). Babies are even more sensitive than adults, but some popular baby products actually include harmful chemicals like dimethicone and parabens. Bad for adults, even more toxic for babies.

If you really want to protect your baby from harmful and too harsh chemicals, choose skin care that is made from all-natural ingredients. You can't make absolutely blanket statements, but it seems safe to say that natural substances are almost always easier on the skin and your health then synthetic chemical byproducts. Our pure beeswax bee salve is made from recognizable and soothing ingredients like apricots, almonds and coconut oil to moisturize when he has a rash. Bee salve is very safe for adults to use, too, but I've never seen anything treat a baby diaper rash so well! Bee salves soothe, heal, nourish and soften skin, all without any harmful ingredients. Your baby will feel good again and you will feel good about protecting his health!

Natural Remedies for Dry Flaky Skin Around Nose

Women, especially older women, will sometimes experience dry flaky skin on the face, around and under the nose. How do you treat dry skin in this area? The very first thing to do is to stop overcleansing! Many women wash their faces too often with harsh chemicals that strip the natural oils and moisture right out of the skin. It's enough to wash your face once at night with a very mild chemical free skin care product and just use water and toner in the morning. Try MoreNature's natural bee salve made from pure beeswax as a moisturizer.

Secondly, examine your diet. Try to eat more "fatty" fish, like salmon or herring. If that is not part of your diet, try adding an Omega-3 or fish oil supplement to your diet. If you take just one teaspoon twice daily you will probably start seeing a difference in the moisture of your skin.

Lastly, I recommend taking an iodine supplement, one-half tablet daily in the morning. If you don't start feeling hyper or experience a racing heartbeat, you may increase to 1 tablet daily.

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