All Natural Dog Treats Keep Your Pet Healthy

We always want to show our pets how much we love them, and what better way to prove your affection than with a yummy treat? The treats we usually choose to feed our dogs especially are always tasty and almost always unhealthy too, whether you're feeding your canine friend bacon and cheese snacks or straight table scraps. So what are the best types of dog treats?

It's good to appreciate your dog, but you may want to think twice about the treats you're regularly feeding your dog, as too many high-calorie snacks can make your dog overweight and fatigued. It might surprise you, but the best dog treats are often made from the same kinds of ingredients that are good for us as humans. You may not want to believe it, but bacon and cheese isn't the hearty-healthiest snack for people, and it isn't the best snack you can give your dog, either. Human beings and dogs are alike in that we both need foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins, promote good dental health, and work to soothe achy joints.

At, our natural pet treats contain no artificial colors, chemical additives, or harsh pesticides. For example, our Super Tasty Greens Vegetarian Dog Treats are made from whole grains and an antioxidant-rich mix of green beans, peas, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus. Odds are, you and your dog are not getting as many antioxidants and leafy greens as you both need in your diet!

Benefits of All Natural Dog Treats

We know what you're thinking. While it might be enticing to feed your dog a healthy diet of antioxidant-rich pet treats, is the higher cost really worth it? We all know that cheap pet treats are available in stores everywhere, and he's just a dog, right? What many people forget is that feeding your dog healthy foods and all-natural treats is a holistic way to keep your dog in shape and living a long, healthy life. If you continue to feed your dog cheap pet treats made from low-quality fillers like wheat, corn and soy, the chances of your dog developing allergies or needing a trip to the vet go up. Just like with people, if you eat healthy and exercise, you're less likely to need to go to the doctor. We all know how expensive doctor visits can be, for both humans and dogs. Here are some common dog ailments that might be improved by switching over to all-natural dog treats.

Decrease in sensitivity to allergies and skin ailments. If your dog suffers from allergies or a skin condition, you have probably tried a variety of remedies to treat these conditions. Just like with us humans, some of us are more sensitive than others, and eating certain foods can aggravate these minor sensitivities. Weaning your dog off table scraps and unhealthy snacks may offer long-term relief as all-natural pet treats not contain ingredients known to chiefly cause canine allergies, like wheat, soy and corn. All natural pet treats contain quality, nutritional ingredients that will build up your dog's immune system and help develop a resistance to skin infections.

Increasing energy levels and maintaining a healthy weight. While chubby dogs may be cute, being overweight can lead to organ failure, diabetes, hip dysplasia, and other potentially harmful ailments. Like humans, dogs that are overweight commonly have less energy for exercise. All-natural pet treats may help with these because they are naturally more nutritious and do not contain bulk fillers, so your dog only eats when he needs to maintain healthy energy levels. These treats usually taste better so your dog will feel satisfied eating less.

Better overall health. All natural pet treats offer better sources of vitamins and minerals that are also easier to digest. Your dog is likely to absorb instead of eliminate more of the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy, muscular body. This results in a healthier immune system, which prevents expensive illnesses and infections that require a pricy visit to the vet.

High quality of living and longer life. What you feed your dog will directly impact how he looks, acts, and feels. All-natural pet treats will help your dog live a healthy, long, and happy life. Healthy dog treats promote a healthier, shinier coat, optimal weight, more energy to run and play, and a stronger immune system. All of these things will increase your dog's life expectancy and quality of life as he gets older. Here are some additional health tips to follow when feeding your dog or puppy his treats!

Healthy Dog Treat Tips

  • Keep a variety of dog treats on hand to keep your dog from getting bored.
  • Since dogs love to please their owners, use dog treats to enrich behavior, like making your dog sit or stay to improve your bond with him.
  • Do not let dog treats make up more than 10 to 20 percent of your dog�s daily calorie intake.
  • Avoid dog treats that are high in sugar and read labels carefully.

Stop dropping the table scraps and switch to all-natural dog treats to keep your pet healthy. Check out our large selection of healthy dog and cat treats. All pet treats contain no corn, wheat, soy or artificial additives, so you can feel good about giving your dog a treat!

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