Shower Head Filters: Why You Should Use A Shower Water Filter

We take showers to get clean, but have you ever wondered how pure your shower water really is? Research shows that some chemicals commonly found in shower water can cause health problems when absorbed into the skin or inhaled into the lungs. Having clean shower water may have a larger effect on our health than we realize, and it's easy to get cleaner water with a shower water filter.

Chlorine Filter Shower Head

How clean is your shower water? As a society, we are getting better at ensuring the purity of the water we drink, but often mistakenly forget about the quality of our cleaning water, probably because we're not directly internalizing it. Some statistics indicate that we absorb 100 times more chlorine in a shower lasting ten minutes than we do from drinking a gallon of water containing the same amount of chlorine.

One simple way you can effectively reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your shower water is by installing a shower water filter. Shower head chlorine filters help you conserve and save money on water, decrease the amount of harmful chemicals in your cleaning water, and also reduce the amount of air pollution in your home. Shower filters are designed to handle high temperatures and elevated water pressure while providing consumers with an enjoyable shower experience. Most shower water filters decrease the amount of free chlorine that directly hits your skin, and quality shower filters typically remove about 90 percent of free chlorine from your water.

Designed to cleanse your water of chlorine and other harmful chemicals, shower head filters come in a wide range of types, designs and price points. Many shower head filters use special filter technology like reverse osmosis to remove unwanted chemicals from the water source. Typically, people notice a major difference in the first few weeks of using a shower filter. One major benefit experienced by many with shower filters is the return or increase of elasticity of the skin and a softer, less "straw" like texture to the hair.

Benefits of Using A Shower Water Filter

  • Shower head filters are a simple and efficient way to decrease your exposure to dangerous chemicals like chlorine. A Chlorine Filter Shower Head is a good choice.
  • You hair and skin will become softer and healthier when not exposed to the drying effects of chlorine in particular. Your hair will become shinier and easy to manage.
  • Removing chemicals from your water decreases the incidence of skin rashes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Your body will be more able to retain natural moisture, so you won't need to use expensive lotions and moisturizers as often. You skin will also look more supple.
  • Filtered water helps decrease the risk of asthma and the development of other respiratory problems that commonly occur from inhaling chlorine.
  • Since your water will be free of chemicals, you reduce your chances of falling victim to serious illnesses, including cancer.
  • Filtered water helps improve energy levels and overall well being, since overexposure to unnatural substances and chemicals are a common cause of fatigue.
  • Since water filters decrease the incidence of various health conditions, you save money on your water and healthcare bills.

Shower Head Filters

First off, get you tap water tested so you can get a better understanding of the types and amount of chemicals in your shower water. This will help you decide on what water filter you should choose. Make sure that the filter you choose meets specific standards and is certified to remove contaminants.

If you don't have the extra money to buy a shower water filter or don't think you really need one, try sticking with cold showers. You may not realize it, but hot showers pose a bigger health risks than cold ones. Heating up chlorine can spark the development of chloroform, a recognized carcinogen, that can then infiltrate your air supply, causing asthma and other respiratory problems. The heat from the hot shower also causes your pores to open and absorb more potentially harmful chemicals. Also, rethink the type of skin care products and cleaners you use to clean your bathroom as well as your body. Try to find all-natural skin care products and cleaning supplies made from plant-based ingredients and avoid products with artificial scents.

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