Benefits of Sea Salt: Unbleached, Organic, and Non-Iodized

As Americans become more health-conscious, sea salt is becoming more and more popular. Many people choose sea salt as an alternative to regular table salt because of its many health benefits, especially when it's unbleached, organic, and non-iodized.

What is Unbleached Sea Salt?

Allowing seawater to naturally evaporate by the sun and wind creates unbleached sea salt. The water is typically collected in large ponds and when it evaporates, the salt remains. The salt is purified, but it does not undergo any processing and there are no added synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals. Unbleached sea salt contains all the minerals you would see in seawater.

Natural Minerals Found in Sea Salt

Organic unbleached sea salt is mainly made up of sodium and chloride, but it also contains trace minerals that are needed for healthy functioning of the human body. The trace elements include magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine, calcium, sulfur, zinc, phosphorus, silicon, copper, fluoride, and carbon. In general, if the sea salt has a rich color, it is full of a variety of minerals. Some sea salts are gray and others look pink. The color mostly depends on where the salt came from. Unbleached sea salt does not contain any other ingredients that do not naturally occur in nature. So, there are no additives, synthetic ingredients, or anti-caking agents.

Health Benefits of Sea Salt

  • Unbleached, natural sea salt helps regulate the body's water content to keep you in optimal health.
  • Sea salt contains the trace elements for proper functioning and these minerals cannot be found in food or nutritional supplements in a form that can be used effectively by the body.
  • Sea salt naturally helps build a strong immune system so you have the ability to fight off common illnesses and allergens.
  • Sea salt helps decrease inflammation that occurs in the respiratory system, which helps you breathe easier and reduces the effects of asthma and other breathing conditions.
  • Sea salt can help you lose weight because it assists in creating digestive juices so food is digested at a faster rate and there is less buildup in your gut, which can in the end lead to weight gain.
  • Since unbleached sea salt has not been processed under high heat and still contains its essential minerals, it is alkalizing to the body. It can help prevent high acid levels, which decreased the risk for serious medical conditions.
  • Unbleached sea salt can help maintain heart health and decrease high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and regulate pulse. In turn, sea salt can prevent more serious conditions like heart attacks and strokes.
  • Sea salt can help improve the functioning of the brain by helping nerve cells process information and assisting with removal of toxins from brain cells.
  • Unbleached sea salt can decrease the need for insulin by assisting in the maintenance of ideal sugar levels. Salt is a key component of the diet for diabetics or those at risk for the condition.
  • Using sea salt in the bathtub can help ease dry and itchy skin and reduce the effects of more serious conditions like psoriasis or eczema. The salt helps open your pores and hydrates the skin.
  • Studies have shown that sea salt is helpful in treating many types of depression. It helps maintain two key hormones, melatonin and serotonin, that help individuals effectively handle stress and sleep better at night.

Putting all of the health benefits aside, the taste of unbleached sea salt is incomparable to any other type of salt, too. Do a taste test and you'll see that it tastes sweeter and "cleaner" than table salt without all of those bitter tasting chemical additives. Since the flavor is stronger, you won't use as much, meaning that the added cost of buying a higher quality product will even out over time. Now that you know all the health benefits of sea salt, what are you waiting for?

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