What Causes Ears to Itch? Natural Home Remedies For Itchy Ears

If you've ever had itchy ears, you know how frustrating and irritating they can be. Some people are prone to having ear problems and have to deal with dry itchy ears on an ongoing basis, but most of us have had an itch in the ear at least once in our lives. What causes ears to itch? What do we do about ear itches? What is a good natural home remedy for itchy ears?

Itchy ears causes

What causes itchy ears? Unfortunately, people with naturally dry and small ear canals are more likely to have a problem with itchy ears than others. My old friend John seems to constantly have ear problems, more so after he swims or is in the water. According to him, he used to have swimmer's ear only after he spent a day in the pool or in the ocean, but he says it eventually got so bad that he couldn't even submerge his head in the bath once without feeling a little "itch" the next day. If you have inner ear problems, you know the seemingly endless cycle: first the ear hurts, then it clogs up, then you can't hear anything, and then finally the itching begins and sometimes doesn't let up for days, even weeks. Are there any other things that can cause ear itches?

Itchy ears can be caused by either too much or too little ear wax in the ear canal. If your ears close up a lot so you have trouble earing, you probably have an earwax build up. One all natural way you can treat an earwax build up is by using beeswax ear cones. All you have to do is stick the ear wax cone into your ear and light the other side of the cone with a match. The heat from the fire will actually draw some of the excess earwax out of your ear canal, giving you a little faster relief. I don't recommend using the beeswax ear cone candle by yourself, though: better get a friend to help you.

Itchy ears from Allergies

Sometimes allergies and itchy ears are related. It might sound strange, but my friend John says that constantly dealing with itchy ears and other annoying symptoms was getting so annoying that he felt that he should change his diet and start a health kick. After cutting down on some of his favorite foods like white bread and ice cream, he saw a big improvement in his itchy ear problem within just a couple weeks. Interestingly enough, his itchy ears came back after he went off his diet and had some of his daughter's birthday cake. John is now convinced that he has an allergic reaction to too much white sugar and flour. He still eats junk food on occasion, but he says his ears start itching soon afterward. While many people would rather do anything than give up cookies and candy, you might experience some relief from the constant ear itching if you eat less sugar, maybe even substituting it when you can with raw honey.

What to do for itchy ears: itchy ears treatment

Luckily for all those sugar addicts out there, there are some other things you can try to treat your dry itchy ears. Whatever you do, don't resort to sticking Q-tips and pens in your ears to soothe the itch! Your relief will only be temporary, and the itching will come back soon with a vengeance. If you have dry ears, then sticking a Q-tip in your ear will only make your ears more dry, causing your ears to itch even more. Sometimes people can actually cure their itchy ears problem by just stop cleaning their dry ears constantly with Q-tips. For others, there is an itchy ear remedy you might consider trying.

Good Cures & Natural Home remedy for dry itchy ears

If you have dry itchy ears, sometimes adding some more moisture to the ear canal can really help. While some people might suggest that you put Vaseline or lotion in your ears, these kind of mainstream skin care products are full of possibly harmful chemicals like petrolatum that can cause unknown side effects to your health. If you want a natural remedy for itchy ears, you have to try the substances that nature offers for moisturizing, like coconut oil, aloe vera, and especially beeswax.

Good Itchy Ear Beeswax Sunburn Cure Recipe

Much like an ear problem, sunburn starts out hurting and ends up itching! Many people aren't aware of the fact that beeswax is one of the best natural itch relief remedies out there, very good at providing fast itch relief for healing sunburns, poison ivy, mosquito bites, etc. Instead of using chemical itch relief sprays, you can actually make a beeswax itch relief cure right in your own home to soothe your itchy ears. To make your home itch relief remedy, use the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon chickweed powder
  • 1 tablespoon comfrey power
  • 1 pint organic olive oil
  • 2 ounces raw beeswax

To make this itchy cure at home, all you have to do is simmer the chickweed, comfrey and olive oil for about 3 hours, and then add your raw beeswax. After that, strain, cool and store! While this homeopathic itch cure is pretty good, not everybody has chickweed and raw beeswax on hand in their home. What do you do if you don't want to go through the hassle of making a natural itch solution yourself?

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