Is Pure Beeswax Good to Use for Hair?

There are a lot of uses for beeswax. You can use beeswax for moisturizing dry skin or chapped lips, to make organic candles, to wax your surfboard, and even for your hair. Yes, you heard right: many people use beeswax on their hair! But is pure beeswax good to use for hair?

Beeswax Products for African American and Natural Hair

People have been using pure beeswax to moisturize and style their hair for a long time. Very popular natural hair product among African American men and women, many people will argue that beeswax hair products like Murray's Beeswax are a good and useful way to slick down dry, curly, frizzy, or flyaway hair whether you are black or white, man or woman. But is beeswax really good to use for your hair? The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why beeswax is a good natural alternative for many hair gels, pomades and hair styling products.

Beeswax Hair Products for Men and Women: Benefits of Beeswax for Hair

Most pomade, hair gel, and hair products you will buy in the store to style your hair are chocked full of artificial and harsh chemicals. African American women who straighten their hair often use natural hair relaxers and straighteners that rely on the use of strong chemicals to flatten their naturally curly hair. After their natural hair is straightened, most women will continue to apply more styling products full of chemicals to their hair every day to keep their hair shiny, sleek and smooth. That is a lot of harsh chemicals to absorb through the skin of your scalp or breathe in through your nose and mouth on a daily basis.

No matter how bad or harmful hair relaxers and straighteners might be, many curly haired women will never agree to give up their hair straighteners and relaxers. While you still will come into contact with potentially harmful chemicals whenever you get your hair professionally straightened or relaxed, switching over to natural hair care alternatives like beeswax is a good way to cut out a lot of chemicals from your daily beauty routine. Since beeswax is a pure substance derived from nature, you won't get chemical headaches or a nauseous, sick feeling from using beeswax on your hair.

Best Natural Hair Products with Beeswax: MoreNature Bee Salve

Many people will recommend Murray's Beeswax natural hair products. However, many customers have complained that the primary ingredient in Murray's Beeswax hair products is not beeswax but actually petrolatum, an artificial petroleum based substance often used as a cheap and potentially harmful ingredient in chapstick and other skin care products. When you get past the good marketing, Murray's Beeswax Hair Products aren't that natural or good for you.

MoreNature's 100% pure bee salve is the best way to moisturize your dry skin and smooth down your frizzy or flyaway hair. Containing no artificial ingredients or scents, the base of MoreNature's limited ingredient bee salve is actually 100% pure Florida raw beeswax. Additional ingredients like coconut oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and beta carotene are the best ways for naturally moisturizing dry skin or hair, so it's not only OK if the bee salve absorbs into the skin on your head, it's actually good for you and your health. MoreNature bee salve offers options for men and women, allowing you to choose between an unscented fragrance free bee salve or an organic lavender scent.

How to Apply & Remove Beeswax from Natural Hair

Sometimes beeswax is a little too good at flattening out curly or frizzly hair. If you've ever accidentally gotten too much beeswax lotion on your hands, you know how long the moisturizing lasts. It's hard to get rid of. When using MoreNature bee salve as a hair pomade or hair sealant, APPLY SPARINGLY! You can moisturize your hands and hair at the same time by applying a little bee salve into the palm of your hand and then smoothing your hair with your hands. Using too much beeswax can make your curly hair too greasy and weighed down.

If you do get too much beeswax in your hair, it won't be easy to remove, so the best way to apply bee salve to hair is to start out very light and keep adding until you get the effect you want. The best way to remove beeswax from hair is by simply washing with a strong natural shampoo followed by a good conditioner until you get the desired results. If you get too much beeswax in your hair, baking soda is also a good way to remove excess buildup from hair.

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    Will beeswax help grow my edges

  • Roshan.p.jose - April 16, 2016

    I have curly hair.i tried to use the bee wax to straight my hair .but there is no use.wil u plse suggest me a proper way to straight and style my hair using bee wax.plse plse

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