Honey in Massage Therapy? Honey Skin & Detox Health Benefits

Getting a massage at the spa is a good way to relax the muscles of the body and a holistic alternative to going to the chiropractor for a sore back or other aches and pains. There are many different types of massage therapy techniques and massage oils, but the holistic health and detox benefits of a honey cupping massage for your skin, muscles and body may make it the best massage out there!

Honey for Skin Health Benefits

Whether used externally on the skin for healing or eaten as a healthy alternative to white sugar, honey is full of vitamins and minerals and is especially good for the skin. A good natural alternative for healing cuts, scratches and scrapes on the skin, some homeopathic health enthusiasts even believe honey may be a cure for cancer. While good at healing damaged skin, honey also has benefits when used as an alternative to oil in a massage setting.

Honey is the Best Massage Oil Alternative?

You might be surprised to hear that honey is an increasingly popular alternative to massage oil in holistic settings, but honey massage is actually an ancient health treatment that has been around for centuries and is sometimes referred to as Tibetan or Russian/Ukrainian Honey Massage. Many people are familiar with the traditional Swedish massage method which uses a variety of oils to help the masseuse's hands move more easily and fluidly over the skin and muscles. Since honey is obviously a very sticky substance, using honey as a massage oil alternative achieves almost the opposite effect. Honey's sticky consistency offers many benefits in the massage setting.

How to Use Honey in Massage Therapy

So how does a honey massage work? For the best results, most honey massage begins with the traditional Chinese deep tissue cupping massage therapy. Involving suction and negative pressure and popular among health conscious celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, the cupping massage stimulates the peripheral nervous system and improves blood flow and circulation before the honey is applied. Just as in a Swedish massage, the masseuse then applies honey to the skin as a massage oil alternative and massages the skin until the honey becomes sticky. Once the honey becomes sticky, the masseuse uses a variety of techniques to not only relax the muscles, but also work the honey into the skin as a humectant and moisturizer. With a honey massage, you are getting a relaxing massage and absorbing honey's healthy vitamins and minerals into your body all at once! Along with these benefits, holistic health experts also believe honey massage offers detox opportunities.

Honey Massage Therapy & Cupping Treatment for Detox

How can a honey massage aid in detoxing the body? After honey becomes sticky when rubbed and massaged into the body, the consistency of the honey changes, turning into white grainy pellets on the skin. Champions of honey massage argue that this massage oil alternative not only absorbs into and moisturizes the skin, but also draws out toxins due to its sticky consistency and the suction created by the masseuse's special honey massage technique. For the best detox benefits, the honey massage must include the Chinese cupping massage treatment which helps work up and drain the toxins in the skin, muscles and body so they can be absorbed into the honey once it is applied.

If you want to treat yourself to a healthy and relaxing massage with the best health benefits, try the deep tissue cupping treatment in combination with honey massage therapy. Not only will you return from your honey massage with your muscles feeling relaxed and calm, but your skin will be radiant and healthy from absorbing honey's vitamins and minerals and getting rid of and detoxing from the toxins hidden deep in the skin and muscles during the cupping treatment. If you really want a honey bee themed massage, try adding in some beeswax candles for ambiance and the fresh aroma of beeswax!

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