Why Does Beeswax Work So Well Against Eczema?

Eczema is the medical term for an infection of the skin causing it to become irritated and inflamed. About ten to twenty percent of infants and three percent of adults suffer with eczema. Although most infants loose the condition by the time they turn ten, many continue to struggle throughout their lives. The inflammation and itchiness can cause severe discomfort. Eczema is especially common during the colder months of the year when the skin tends to be extremely dehydrated. However, the disease is controllable with the proper treatment.

Natural beeswax can be one of the best treatments for eczema. Beeswax includes large amounts of oleate esters, hydroxypalmitate, palmitate, and palmitoleate, and it is formed almost entirely of chain alcohols and fatty acids. These ingredients blend to make beeswax a key natural treatment for maintaining skin texture and health. Beeswax also has several properties that effectively reduce the symptoms of eczema, leaving your skin vibrant and itch-free.


While the causes of eczema are not currently known, it is clear that some fungi and pollens can be a serious irritant and increase symptoms. Beeswax will provide a barrier against toxins from your environment keeping your skin safe and secure. The waxy coating repels harmful elements while at the same time retaining the products that your skin produces and needs for a healthy appearance. Many worry that application directly to the skin will cause acne, but Beeswax is proven to be noncomedogenic, so it will not clog pores.


The anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax effectively rid the skin of harmful infection. The skin is cleared of pathogens, restoring lasting health and vitality. Beeswax will also protect the skin, giving it a clearer look characterized by the sheen of a robust appearance. And after the eczema has been treated, the emollient properties of beeswax will soften your skin, restoring health again.

Vitamin A

Once the infection is cleared, damaged skin must be regrown and protected. Beeswax contains the all-essential vitamin A that boosts skin cell production, replacing damaged skin with a fresh, healthy appearance. A high vitamin A content will give the skin a healthy protection against future infections of eczema as well as other skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.


Moisture is especially essential to keep the skin emollient and give it that healthy shine. However, if skin repeatedly comes into contact with water, chapping and dryness will ensue leaving the skin more dehydrated than before. Beeswax, however, is not laden with water. Instead it brings to the skin lubricating moisture that will keep the skin smooth and soft. The impermeable nature of beeswax helps the skin retain existing moisture from evaporating into the atmosphere, further preventing dehydration.

If you are suffering from eczema, beeswax can bring the relief you have been looking for. The antiseptic and medicinal properties of beeswax can decrease skin irritation while actively working to eliminate it. Swe Bee Beeswax Bee Salve is the healthy skin treatment that is completely natural. Check the label on many skin-condition treatments, and you’ll be shocked at the number of preservatives. Even when processed, beeswax is still biologically active and contains anti-inflammatory, germicidal, antibacterial, and anti-allergenic properties that bring lasting healing to many skin disorders. It is especially effective against Eczema and is a critical ingredient in many premium skin products.

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  • MoreNature - May 27, 2016

    Hi, I’m no Doctor and I can’t give you medical advice. The SweBee Beeswax salve that we sell does work well on minor rasher and eczema. You could try it but if you have had your eczema for 16 years I would suggest you go see a Doctor of a specialist.

  • Lovemore Chikombingo - April 14, 2016

    I want to know much about beeswax on the treatment of eczema because I have a skin disease on my neck which is not healing. When it develop I use Epiderm then it disapears. But barely 4 to 6 weeks the rush reappears. This has been goin on for about 16 years.

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