How to Treat Cracked Dry Lips Tips & What Helps Chapped Lips

The winter months are just around the corner, and that means so is the season of cheilitus, more commonly known as chapped lips. What causes chapped lips? How do you treat and heal cracked, dry or peeling lips? What cures cheilitus? We answer your questions and offer some tips to help painful chapped lips below.

Cheilitus: How Do You Get Chapped Lips? Causes

What causes cheilitus, making your lips chapped or dry? There are actually many factors that can contribute to your lips becoming chapped, cracked or just really dry, including problems and imbalances with your thyroid gland and mouth ulcers. Dehydration is one of the most common ways to get chapped lips. Dry, cracked or even painful bleeding lips are more common in the winter because there is less natural moisture in the air outside when the weather is cold or windy.

Biting & Licking Lips Causes Dry Lips!

Your lips naturally have a thin oily protection on the surface, so chapped lips occur when this layer is depleted. If you’ve ever had dry lips, you’ve probably noticed how licking them doesn’t help. Constant lip licking or biting can actually cause sore lips, so stop this bad habit to help your lips heal!

How to cure, treat and get rid of chapped lips: Drink More Water

How do you get rid of chapped lips? A problem with chapped hurting lips often is caused by problems with diet. One of the best ways to treat dry or cracked lips is to drink plenty of water. If you do drink a lot of water and you still have painful cracked lips, think about how much salt you eat in your diet. If you eat a lot of salt, you need to drink more water, too.

Addicted to Lip Balm? Some Chapstick Ingredients Can Cause Allergy & Dry Cracked Lips!

While dehydration is usually the cause of chapped lips, not drinking enough water may be only part of the bigger problem. When asked how to cure or treat chapped lips, many people will answer, “Use chapstick.” Using chapstick is not a cure or treatment for cracked lips. Using chapstick may actually be causing your painful chapped lips!

Is chapstick bad for you? The petroleum based ingredients (also known as parabens) used in many mainstream chapstick brands have been known to cause allergic reactions if used too often. Many women will unknowingly develop a “chapstick allergy” and start experiencing painful, dry lips. Unfortunately, many of these women will not realize that the chapstick is actually causing the problem, so they will keep using or even increase the amount of lip balm they put on, not realizing that the lip balm is making everything worse! Does this sound like you?

If you have inexplicably dry, painful and chapped lips and you use chapstick regularly, you should stop using the lip balm immediately! Once you stop, you will be able to see if the chapstick was causing your dry lips and you will also allow your lips to start healing

Beeswax Lip Balm for Dry, Chapped Painful Lips

If you have an ongoing problem with chapped cracked lips, try switching over to using organic moisturizers like pure coconut oil or an all natural beeswax chapstick like SweBee Lip Balm. Beeswax is one of the best natural moisturizers around, much better at moisturizing than the manmade chemicals used in most lip balms and chapsticks. The anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties of the raw beeswax will heal and repair the damaged skin caused by long-term chapped peeling lips! The pure beeswax in MoreNature lip balm is one of the gentlest and purest moisturizers nature offers, so it won't inflame your lips if you do have a chapstick allergy.

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