What Makes Beeswax So Good for Your Skin?

Beeswax is one of the best natural remedies you can use for your skin. Here are just a few of the reasons as well as some of the excellent benefits it can bring.

Natural beeswax is formed almost entirely of fatty acids and chain alcohols and includes large amounts of oleate esters, hydroxypalmitate, palmitate, and palmitoleate. These ingredients blend to produce properties that make beeswax key for maintaining skin texture and health. The ability to keep moisture in the skin and the high vitamin A content stimulate the production of skin cells while keeping the skin insulated from environmental dangers. Beeswax also brings to the skin the necessary antioxidants for a healthy complexion.

Beeswax brings to your skin each of these healthy effects in a package that is completely natural. Even when processed, beeswax is still active biologically and preserves anti-inflammatory, germicidal, antibacterial, and anti-allergenic properties, making it the chosen solution for many skin disorders.

Dry Skin

Beeswax is the key ingredient in many dry skin treatments, especially lotions and creams. Its ability to trap moisture keeps the skin lubricated and refreshed. These emollient properties and rich vitamin A content boost skin cell production, thus giving the skin a healthy and restored impression. If you are struggling with dry skin, beeswax combined with a little vitamin E and almond oil will quickly bring the moisture you need for a smooth complexion. This beeswax moisture not only heals dry skin but is also highly effective in preventing the loss of moisture that produces dry skin.


The anti-inflammatory effects of beeswax greatly reduce the visible effects of acne on the skin while the antiseptic and medicinal properties clear the infection, providing lasting treatment and healing. The high vitamin A content is an all-essential component of the healthy skin cell production that boosts the healing process. And after the acne has been removed, beeswax will soften the skin with an emollient effect that gives a fresh and restored look.


Eczema is a condition causing an itchy rash to form on the skin. It is especially rampant in the colder months of the year when the skin is dryer. The antiseptic and medicinal properties of beeswax keep this infection from spreading while actively working to eliminate it. Adding a little honey and olive oil to beeswax will produce a blend that brings quick and lasting relief. This blend has also proved successful in the treatment of Psoriasis. Application to the affected area for a short time after healing will prevent a return of the infection.


Stretch Marks

Pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss often produce ugly stretch marks on the skin. Mixing apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil into your beeswax produces a solution that both naturally prevents and heals these stretch marks.

Lip care

The naturally moistening affect of beeswax is perfect for care of the lips. Chapping or cracking is easily and quickly relieved with a single application. Repeated application will bring long-term healing and prevent reoccurrence. Homemade lipbalm is easily created by adding to your beeswax some honey, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and other essential oils. Beeswax is the Mayo Clinic’s recommended treatment for chapped lip care and prevention.

While being applied as the remedy to these skin conditions, beeswax has the double benefit of giving cosmetic restoration. The high levels of Vitamin A encourage production of skin cells giving your skin a healthy, smooth look. Beeswax also enjoys being used widely for cuts, burns, and other wounds making it the perfect ingredient for healing salves. Burning beeswax releases negative ions cleansing the air of pollutants, dust, mold, pollen, and toxins. Many suffering from allergies have found relief in beeswax-based candles which have the added benefits of producing no smoke and burning more efficiently than standard candles.

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