Bees Wax Lotion – Not Just for Humans

Lotions made of natural beeswax are fast becoming a favorite skin care product. Chain alcohols and fatty acids are the main ingredients that come together to form beeswax. These ingredients bring to beeswax a high concentration of oleate esters, palmitate, hydroxypalmitate, and palmitoleate which all blend into a compound essential for maintaining skin texture and health. The properties that make beeswax key to skin health include its ability to keep moisture in the skin and its high Vitamin A content. The emollient, oily coating insulates the skin from exterior dangers while the high quantities of Vitamin A boost the production of skin cells. Your skin also receives the necessary antioxidants for a healthy complexion. But is beeswax good for human skin alone, or do these health-producing properties impact animals as well? Beeswax has been proven to benefit your animals in remarkable ways.


Beeswax Moisturizers

Beeswax contains wax ester compounds that also are found in the skin of mammals. And so beeswax becomes a means of hydrating the skin of your animals as it brings the essential moisture that their skin needs. But beeswax does more than simply hydrating the skin. It serves as a non-penetrable coating that retains natural moisture in the skin preventing the process of dehydration. These emollient properties and rich vitamin content make beeswax-based skin lotions the favorite treatment for dry skin.


Beeswax Protects

Beeswax not only keeps moisture in but also serves to project your pet’s skin against harmful environmental elements. This barrier keeps out harmful toxins as it stands between your pet’s skin and the environmental hazards that are all too pervasive in an industrialized nation. The emollient affect upon the skin also helps to prevent abrasion and keeps the skin vibrant and strong. UV rays from the sun are also blocked, diminishing sunburn and the risk of skin cancer.


Beeswax Heals

Beeswax is widely used for burns, cuts, scratches, and other wounds and is found in many healing salves. Its anti-inflammatory properties serve to reduce the effects of infection while the medicinal and antiseptic properties work to actively reduce the infection. The rich levels of Vitamin A boost skin cell production, restoring damaged tissue and giving your animal’s skin that smooth, healthy look. Beeswax has also proved effective when applied to sores. The antiseptic properties speed up the healing process while the moisturizing effects guard against scar tissue buildup.


Beeswax Fights Parasites

Some animals are almost constantly afflicted by “the mange,” mites, and other parasites and fungi. The antiseptic effect of beeswax quickly neutralizes these parasites, restoring to your animal the healthy, glowing skin and full coat that you enjoy. The high level of Vitamin A also keeps the skin healthy and able to better resist infiltration by parasites in the future.

Beeswax is fast becoming the favorite skin-care product for a growing number of Americans. The emollient, antiseptic properties of beeswax-based lotions and bee salve make them a promising healthcare product in which to invest. And now, more and more people are also realizing the health benefits that these beeswax-based products can have for their animals. The applications of beeswax to animals include the nose, hotspots, dry spots, paw-pads, and sores. A few people worry that applying beeswax directly to their animal’s skin will have harmful effects on the animal’s pores such as clogging. They worry that perhaps in the long run beeswax will do more harm than good. However, beeswax is a leader among “noncomedogenic” substances (those that do not clog pores). Beeswax almost works miracles as it safely protects, moisturizes, and heals your animal’s skin.

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