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We're all looking for that miracle diet or workout that will magically make us look like a celebrity. Health experts now know what the best exercise routine to follow is. The answer may shock you.
Regular exercise is a key component to maintaining a healthy weight and leading a well-balanced lifestyle. Even if you're serious about establishing an effective exercise routine to better meet your health and fitness goals, it can be hard to come up with an exercise regimen or a good workout schedule that works for you. You want to challenge yourself, but at the same time if you overdo it in the beginning you'll get burnt out faster and abandon it right off the bat. We all want to know what the best exercise routine or workout is, but when it comes right down to it, different exercise routines work for different people.  Ultimately, nearly all workout routines and fitness regimens are beneficial if you decide to regularly put in the time and effort.  Here is a basic guide to help get you started towards achieving a fitter physical shape!

Before You Get Started

  • Before beginning any type of exercise routine, you need to jot down realistic goals of what you want to establish with the regimen.


  • If you have any known medical concerns, we recommend that you talk to your doctor or primary care physician before beginning any type of serious exercise routine to make sure you are not putting yourself at any type of heath risk.  This is especially important if you are very overweight or suffer from a chronic medical condition.


  • Schedule your daily exercise in advance, finding the time that you are least likely to be interrupted by other responsibilities and obligations.


  • Estimate your maximum heart rate for exercise by deducting your age from 220, multiplying that result by .6 to get the first number. To get the second and last number, multiply the next result by .8.  Keep in mind that the range between the two numbers should always be 60 to 80% of your maximum heart rate. If you go above this number, you could put yourself in danger of a number of health risks.

3 Best Workout Routines:

Beginner's Morning Full-Body Workout

In the beginning, sometimes working in more basic exercise routines will get you focused on increasing your overall activity without burning you out before you really get into a new and improved fitness regimen. A true full-body workout includes strength, aerobics, and flexibility.  Start with a brief warm-up of active stretching and light cardiovascular work, like a jog or marching in place. After that, integrate basic exercises that target each major muscle group, including your arms, legs, back, chest, hips, and mid section.  Choose specific exercises for each group and complete 6 to 12 repetitions of each exercise. Repeat the exercises and then cool down with some stationary stretching.
As you'll see, adding this full-body workout to your morning routine won't take too much time, but you'll definitely get your heart pumping, which in turn will increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. You can either stick with a simple exercise routine like this or slowly add in more difficult workouts as your skill level improves.

If your number one goal is to get your heart pumping and burn calories, then an aerobic exercise routine is the perfect fit for you. Over anaerobic exercise routines like weight lifting or sprinting that require short bursts of energy, doctors agree that vigorous aerobic exercise burns more calories and is less likely to make you overdo it and put you in the danger zone.  So how do you integrate aerobic exercise into your day? All you have to do is choose an aerobic activity--running on a treadmill, swimming, biking, speed walking, etc.--and devote anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour each day to improving your overall health. If you really want to push yourself to the next fitness level, then spend between 10 and 20 minutes completing aerobic activities for the upper body, like jumping jacks or situps.

Strength Training
Regular strength training exercises improve strength and power while at the same time strengthening muscles and bones.  Weight lifting also enhances stamina, helps control weight, and in some cases can even alleviate ongoing pain.  For maximum effect, run through a short aerobic warm-up first and then move on to the strength training, completing two sets of rows, arm curls, lateral raises, push-ups, lunges, squats, dead lifts, crunches, and chest presses.  Be sure to finish with a cool-down!

More Exercise Tips and Suggestions

Make sure to warm-up before any routine, to increase your blood flow and get oxygen to your muscles.  This prepares your body for exercise and decreases the change of tiring out easily
Perform cardio exercises a minimum of three times a week for 30 minutes in duration.  If you want to lose weight, increase the time gradually to 60 to 90 minutes per day. 
Engage in strength-training exercises at least two times a week to maintain muscle mass. 
As you will see, the hardest part of getting into shape is finding  your best exercise routine and nobody can tell you what that is but you--well, except maybe for a personal trainer! If you want to lose weight and get in shape the cheap way, start slowly adding in exercise over time and build yourself up. Pretty soon, people will be asking you what the best exercise routine to follow is!

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