Is Sunscreen Bad for You? Sunscreen Dangers & Cancer

Asking, "Is sunscreen bad for you?" might seem like a stupid question, but you are actually right to wonder about all of the lotions and substances you and your family absorb into your skin on a regular basis. As it turns out, some sunscreen may actually be bad for you. There are a few bad ingredients used in some sunscreen that you should avoid if you are truly concerned about your health and avoiding cancer.

Sunscreen Dangers, Concerns & Risks
Besides avoiding a sunburn or wanting to cut down on the aging effects of the sun, one of the most common reasons we use sunscreen is to avoid skin cancer. Health experts and doctors urge us to get more natural Vitamin D by spending time in the sun, but if we get too much sun we run the risk of developing melanoma. Wearing sunscreen seems to be a safe way to get some sun and avoid the dangers of harmful UV rays, but recent toxicology reports indicate that using some sunscreens may actually increase your chances for cancer.

Bad Sunscreen Ingredients: Can Sunscreen Cause Cancer?
Sunscreen causes cancer? It kind of seems like you're in danger with or without sunscreen, right? Not exactly. Is some sunscreen bad for you? Maybe health researchers at Reading University have found a trend between the use of skin care products that use as an ingredient and the development of breast cancer in women. Studies show that some types of paraben can imitate properties of estrogen, a hormone associated with the development of certain kinds of breast cancer.

Parabens in Sunscreen
Obviously, health experts across the board are not in full agreement with the dangers and cancer causing characteristics of parabens yet, so paraben is still used as a common ingredient in many shampoos, lotions, and yes, even sunscreen. As long as paraben is approved by the FDA as a legal ingredient in skin care products, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to buy organic paraben free sunscreen and .

Oxybenzone in Sunscreen
Unfortunately, there are other bad sunscreen ingredients than just paraben. Some sunscreen ingredients will protect you from UV rays, but those same chemicals used for protection may cause other health dangers. Oxybenzone and benzophenone are two commonly used UV blockers that have been sparking controversy in the "is sunscreen bad for you" debate for quite a while now and has been covered by official news sources like CNN and the New York Times. Like paraben, oxybenzone is also a "synthetic estrogen" that unfortunately poses some of the same dangers as paraben when used in skin care products and sunscreen.
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, research performed on rodents showed that oxybenzone can not only cause allergic reactions and hormone disruption, but also in some cases produces the harmful free radicals that lead to the development of skin cancer. Like paraben, oxybenzone is also still FDA approved, but you can buy organic oxybenzone free sunscreen with no chemicals or paraben added. Organic sunblocks usually use minerals like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as a natural alternative to UV blockers like oxybenzone, benzophenone, and PABA.

Is Sunscreen Bad for You or Good for You?
So is all sunscreen bad for you? No, and not all sunscreen is "good" for you, either. Do some popular sunscreen ingredients pose potential dangers and health risks? Yes. Like so many things, you might have to pay a little bit higher price for organic sunscreen made from high quality natural ingredients rather than all the cheap chemicals. Find out when to wear sunscreen to get more protection and less danger of cancer.

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