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Welcome to MoreNature!

Our online store offers a variety of natural and organic goods that you can use around your home, but our specialty lies in hand crafting all natural remedies, holistic skin care alternatives and beeswax products.


Holistic Skin Care: Natural Beeswax Remedies for Dry Skin

With years of experience working in the holistic skin care and natural beauty industry, we have met many men and women complaining about problems with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, allergies and just really dry sensitive skin. Trying to treat their skin problems on their own, most of these women were almost addicted to applying and reapplying body lotion and cream to their dry, itchy skin constantly. They didn't realize that all of those lotions and creams they were applying around the clock were actually making their allergies worse! This is why proudly offers More Nature's line of Bees Wax products


Lotion & Lip Balm Without Paraben, Petrolatum, or Oxybenzone

Most chapsticks and skin care products you buy in the store or online are full of chemicals like paraben, petrolatum, and oxybenzone that are at best artificial and at worst harmful to your health. Even though these artificial petroleum-based substances are used in most skin care products, only in recent years have health experts started to question whether these chemicals are actually harmful for your health, and especially for kids. The verdict is still out, but with these chemicals it might be better to be safe than sorry.

Healthy. Holistic. Homeopathic. Homemade.

MoreNature developed their bee salve and natural beeswax lip balm from an old Swedish remedy as healthy, holistic, and homeopathic skin care alternatives to all of the chemicals out there. The base of all of our natural bee products is 100% pure raw beeswax we buy from local apiaries near our home of Palm Coast, Florida. Many people are not aware of the healing properties of pure beeswax, nature's best moisturizer and remedy for dry skin. We combine a limited set of naturally moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and beta carotene to round out our Swedish family recipe.

Fragrance Free Beeswax Remedies for Allergies

Fragrances are a tricky thing. It doesn't hurt if something smells good,   but sometimes artificial scents can give you a headache. (Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone who has on too much perfume? Whew!) We offer a fragrance free bee salve and unflavored chapstick for people who are either allergic to fragrances or just prefer the natural scent and flavor of pure beeswax.


MoreNature Beeswax in Organic Flavors & Scents

For people who enjoy fragrance when it's done right, MoreNature offers a limited selection of organic scents and flavors of our bee salve and beeswax lip balm lines. Due to popular demand, we will also soon offer fragrance free beeswax candles.


More Natural and Organic Goods for a Healthy Home

At MoreNature, we have a special sympathy for people who suffer from sensitive skin allergies looking for holistic and natural alternatives to use around their home. It is hard to get away from all of the irritating chemicals we come into contact with in our daily life, many of them in goods found in our own home. If natural beeswax products aren't your cup of tea, check out our good selection of holistic skin care products, including organic paraben free lotion, bar soap, and body wash and organic sunscreen without oxybenzone. It's important to keep our pets healthy, too. We offer a good selection of natural dog and cat treats made from all natural ingredients and specifically designed for pets with sensitive stomachs and skin allergies.